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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Teachers

The 2015 - 2016 Fourth Grade Teachers are

Mrs. Deborah Medina

Mrs. Kelly Baker

Mr. Dennis Colato

The fourth grade classroom will be studying the following in English Language Arts over the next few weeks:

The fourth grade classrooms will be studying the following in Mathematics over the next few weeks:

On-Line Resources

On-Line Resources

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On-Line Resources

Fourth Grade Locker
7/22/14 4:48 PM
8/9/14 5:38 PM
7/21/14 8:26 AM
8/10/14 2:08 PM
9/21/14 6:53 PM
10/12/14 2:47 PM
7/20/14 12:31 PM
8/9/14 8:35 PM
9/22/14 7:20 PM
9/17/14 7:06 PM
8/10/14 2:11 PM

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Fourth Grade Math Curriculum Map