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Why Robotics?

Robotics is increasingly being considered the Fourth essential R (after the 3 Rs, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic). Robotics is a truly multidisciplinary field which combines mechanical, electrical, electronics engineering, and computer science. Though robots are complex machines and building robots requires various skills, current technology makes it possible for anyone with an interest to build, program, and control their own robots.

Some student comments regarding the robotics club:

"I learn many things that I have never learned before like the names of the things and learning like an engineer."

"I learned how to program. I had a great time while I was doing it too. My teammates and I worked together to build the robot. Now we will be prepared for the later things in life! (if you want to be an engineer).

"From building robots I learned that you need to work as a team to build the robot that we built. How to be creative,build different types of robots,and to do teamwork."

"The knowledge of engineering and the fun of being an engineer."

"It helped me build teamwork because I was in a group with 2 boys and usually I would never team up with boys but they made me like I was really in their team"

"You had to do everything altogether, we should of named our team ROLLER COSTERS because we had our ups and downs, but we built a robot and teamwork"

Lego Mindstorm Robots

Cal Poly Pomona  Robotics Video

Sumo Robotics Finals Round 1

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Sumo Robotics Finals Round 2

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Sumo Robotics Finals Round 3

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